How to build relationsip with someone?

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Purpose of this article:

Help you build relationship with as many people as possible in your daily life with your colleagues, classmates, neighbours, family members.

Article Description:

Ihe Article is divided in three parts. Today I am writing only 1st Part of it, to get more details for next two parts follow these blog.

Lets begin,

1st we need to understand to build relationship it takes ample of time. Like to build anything it has certain processes and planning activities, similarly to build relationship it has a process.


  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Try to understand the other person, know him.
  3. Give sometime to build your relationship.

Some people find it easy and some find it challenging to build relationships but it is possible believe me.

PART I: Becoming Familiar with Someone (Unknown).

  • Introduce yourself to the person with whom you want to build relationship.

Find opportunities to introduce yourself. You can find opportunities in company, schools / colleges, malls, etc. where you are with your mutual friends. One of the best opportunity I feel is parties because you need someone to talk in parties. You can also get opportunities when you are working in same project / assignment to introduce yourself.

  • Art of Probing Questions.

When you are spending time with him / her you have an opportunity to ask open-ended questions. Ask them about themselves, which will let the other person know that you are interested in them.


  1. How many siblings you have?
  2. Which sports you like?
  3. What are your hobbies?
  • Respond to his / her questions about you.

When you will be asking questions it is natural tendency that the opposite person will ask you the same question or different question. You need to keep in mind you take time to answer those questions in such a manner that your answer doesn’t hurt him/her and you maintain politeness and sincerity while answering those questions. This will help you to understand each other in better way.

  • Avoid Heavy Topics

Don’t get your self into controversial topics which will be difficult for both of them to answer and you are not comfortable to answer at this point of time. If the conversation is getting personal, be smart to change the topic or try to avoid them. This will help you to lead and control the conversation.

  • Give time for building new relationship

Don’t rush for building trust and relationship with someone. You might let the other person feel pushy. Also, while questioning and responding to them we need to take care we don’t need to question to much otherwise they might feel like interviewed.

  • Exchange contact information when you feel ready

When you have spend ample of time in building trust with them, its time to ask them politely and sincerely for their contact. You can also, ask them for tea,coffee, etc depending upon your confidence and time invested in building relationship.

The initial stage of process takes more time, may be months but keep patience you will succeed.

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